Puppy purchase policies

1- Naming the puppy with an Italian name.

2- Do not breed with any breed other than a registered Volpino Italiano DNA tested for PLL (PLL must be Clear/Normal)

3- Provide three references in your application.

4- Should anything happen to you, please provide the name of someone who would take care of your Volpino so he/she doesn't end up in a shelter - or you will agree that your Volpino revert back to the breeder so she can find a good home or keep him/her. 

5- Pay a deposit of 500$CAD to secure your puppy after application is approved. This amount will be deducted from the total purchase amount. To read more about what is including in the price please go to the "Next step" page.

Now you can process with completing the application online.

Thank you.